Velvety 3-in-1 LED Micro-Vibration Skin Sculptor


Firm, Lift, Massage and Phototherapy all in one beauty tool!

Good riddance to wrinkles and sagging skin using the Velvety 3-in-1 LED Micro-Vibration Skin Sculptor, which delivers Radiofrequency energy, EMS, along with Red, Blue and Yellow LED Photonic Light therapies.

- Improve blood circulation and promote generation of collagen thus has visible effects against all aging signs.
- By pushing nutrition deep into skin, ionic conducting can enhance results of your skincare products to the best meanwhile improve metabolism and cell activities.

Suitable Areas:
*Eye area
*Nasolabial Folds

-Red Photon: Wave length 625±3nm. Properties: Stimulating generation of youth collagen and cell activity to reduce wrinkles and lines, and improving blood circulation to invigorate skin vitalty from inside.

- Blue Photon: Wave length 465±3nm. Properties: Killing bacteria, anti-inflammation and soothing skin irrations. Multiple times of use can help to balance skin oil and moisture.

- Yellow Photon: Wave length 580±3nm. Properties: Improveing blood circulation and increasing the elasticity of capillaries to fade spots and blemishes, and correct dull skin tone.

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