Prestige Formula Multi Peptide Serum Set - Facial Serum Treatment

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Wrinkles result from combination of genetics, habitual facial expressions and environmental exposure. They may signify wisdom but they do little for your looks.

Multi Peptide Facial Serums are a muscle inhibiting and collagen building solution that uses innovative peptide technology to help reduce wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance in a glorious anti-aging fashion.

The peptides help achieve ultimate wrinkle reduction by inhibiting muscle contraction and signaling the proliferation of collagen synthesis, which unlike botox injections or other invasive treatments is a safe, convenient and natural option.

-Helps reduce wrinkle depth and volume
-Inhibits muscle contractions
-Smoothes skin texture
-Helps promote cell proliferation and increases elasticity


Multi Peptide Facial Serum Treatment:
0.5 fl oz

Prestige Formula Multi Peptide Facial Serum: 1.35 fl oz
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