18-in-1 Duo Neck & Eye Mask Deep Tissue 24K Gold Regeneration Set (1 Year Supply)

The D'OR 24K 12-in-1 Neck Mask has only the best ingredients that are all from natural origins, the compositions of which are very close to that of the human skin tissue.

With high-density plant collagen and 24K gold mask releasing technology, the ingredients can be quickly absorbed by the skin and deliver brightening, moisturizing and pore-tightening effect.

The 24K Gold Eye Mask will activate the basal cells of the skin, increasing elasticity of the skin, thus reducing the dreaded crow's feet, fine lines, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes, revealing a younger complexion.

  • 12 - Collagen Renewal Neck Masks (1 Year Supply)
  • 6 - 24K Gold Eye Masks
  • Certificate of real 24K Gold element inclusion
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