Your Best Brows & Lashes Duo: Mega Lash & Brow Growth Peptide Treatment

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Mega Lash Growth Peptide Treatment:

Eyelashes are composed of 10% water and 90% keratinized proteins, and have 4 distinct phases of development.

1. Anagen (Growing Phase) - Skin cells keratinocytes move through the hair follicle, harden and are transformed intro strands.

2. Catagen (Transition Phase) - A lash's growth slows and comes to a halt.

3. Telogen (Resting Phase) - Lash development has ceased but the lash remains anchored in the follicle.

4. Exogen (Shedding Phase) - A new hair naturally pushes out the old strand.

Notably, each lash is in a different cycle at any given time, and the length of each phase is different for every individual. Keeping lashes conditioned and hydrated with the D24K Mega Lash Peptide treatment throughout these phases improves the appearance of length and volume, as well as reduce brittleness.

Mega Brow Growth Peptide Treatment:

The Mega Brow is a unique formula of brow enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients that work together to help improve the overall appearance of the eyebrows. It has been formulated to optimally adhere to the skin's surface on the superior orbital bone. Polypeptides and Amino Acids: comprised of beneficial amino acids to help support more voluminous-looking brows A simple once a day only application is needed to achieve improvement in the appearance of the brows in as little as 60 days. It takes very little time out of the daily beauty routine and product is easy to apply.
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