Ultimate Stem Cell Neck Serum & Corrective Vitamin C,B,E & Ferulic Serum


D24K Vitamin C, B, E, & Ferulic Corrective Serum

Utilizing a powerful blend of antioxidant ingredients with added Vitamin C, B, E & Ferulic Acid, D’OR 24K Corrective Serum deeply hydrates the skin, while enhancing the free radical fighting properties that are constantly develop signs of aging.  

This unique and potent serum blend provides unparalleled results that diminish fine lines and rejuvenate dead skin cells.  Each active ingredient works synergistically to boost one another to lighten, tighten, and boost cellular growth in any applied area – particularly the face and around the eyes.    

D24K Ultimate Stem Cell Neck Serum

Directions: D’OR 24K’s invigorating Stem Cell Neck Serum uses the incredible natural longevity of stem cells found in Uttwiler Spätlauber, an extremely rare species of Swiss apple to preserve the vitality and youthfulness of the skin.

Rich in phytonutrients, collagen, proteins, and long-living stem cells, this “miracle formula” is scientifically cultivated to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and problematic aging spots.

D24K Ultimate Stem Cell Neck Serum: Chondrus Crispus (Seaweed) extract, purified water (aqua), hyaluronic acid, malus domestica fruit cell culture, xanthan gum, glycerin, lechithin, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexyglycerin

Ingredients: D24K Corrective Vitamin C,B,E & Ferulic Serum:  Purified Water(aqua), ethoxydiglycol, L-Ascorbic Acid, Butylene glycol, glycerin, laureth-23, tocopherol, ferulic acid, sodium PCA, Niacinamide, phenoxyethanol

D24K Ultimate Stem Cell Neck Serum: Shake well before use. Apply sparingly to face,neck and decollete. Use twice daily.


D24K Corrective Vitamin C,B,E & Ferulic Serum:  Apply to clean face, neck, and decollete in the morning and allow to dry.

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