Non-Surgical Neck Lift Device with Light Therapy

Achieve a younger appearance with the help of the  d-tech Non-surgical Sonic Neck Lift Device. The neck is the first area to show the signs of aging.

Our Neck Lift Device will easily transform your skin for the better. The massage head is specially designed for shoulder, neck and other parts of the body. 

Blue Light:
It is the coldest light, which can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, tighten loose skin and shrink pores and this light is specially good for oily and sensitive skin.

Red Light:
It can increase the cell's vitality, accelerate blood circulation, promote the growth of fibroblast and collagen, and it has a significant effect in smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, firming skin, color dodging, and fading scars.

Green Light:
It can improve the oxygen alternate use function of the cell and  promote the skin surface microcirculation. Its function is to calm and balance the skin.



Food-grade Stainless Steel and Plastic


How to use:

1. To turn on this device, the sensing ring must be pressed and the massage head must be in contact with your skin.
2. Apply the skin care product to the neck.
3.Select the mode according to your personal needs, hold the device from the bottom.
4. Use device on acupunctural points by pressing, squeezing, stroking, pushing, etc.
Maybe be used multiple times per day.
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