Non-surgical LED Sonic Device D-Tech


Hot and Cold vibration massage treating fine wrinkles, thick pores, dark circles and eyes bags.

The Hot temperature helps pores expansion, promotes blood circulation, promotes cell viability and dredges lymphatic obstruction.

The Cold temperature helps shrinking pores, strengths the skin’s elasticity, promotes skin absorption and helps reducing edema and rejuvenation.

How to use:

When using the device, press the metal part gently on the skin and move slowly according to the direction of the wanted area.

For brows, move slowly from bottom to top from the eyebrow to the temple.

For nose bridge, move gently from top to bottom.

For chin, move back and forth along the chin from left to right and right to left.

For cheeks, move from inside to outside from bottom to top along the cheeks.

For face T, Move up and down along the nose bridge and wings – preferably 1-2 minutes.

For lymphatic detoxification, move along the face side from bottom and up and move gently from earlobe down toward the neck.

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