Non-surgical Sonic Device by D-Tech


Thermal & Cryotherapy then locks all of the nutrients in by shrinking the pores and
tightening the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the skin’s fat reduction process.

The Marvelous 360 device harmonizes the power of three different energy sources to
deliver their benefits directly into the skin:

● Ultrasonic pulsations
● Thermal and cryotherapy
● Red and Blue LED light therapy

Marvelous 360 uses concentrated wavelengths of red and blue LED at their optimum
penetration levels to safely reach deep within the skin where it is absorbed and initiates skin cell turnover, helping nutrients and skin care ingredients to better absorb.

Red LED (630 nm-830nm) offers powerful anti-aging benefits by stimulating cellular
activity to boost collagen and elastin production. Red LED light therapy shrinks pores,
minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes younger-looking skin that’s

Blue LED (430 nm -450nm) penetrates deeply to soothe inflammation, reduce irritation and improve acne-prone skin by fighting the bacteria that contribute to breakouts in the first place. Blue LED light therapy leaves the skin feeling clean, clear, and healthy.

Thermal and cryotherapy use heat for better absorption of skin care products and cold
to close the pores and lock everything in.

Red and Blue LED light therapy boost collagen and elastin production for
younger-looking skin and fight acne for a healthier, clearer complexion.

Use Marvelous 360’s ultrasonic pulsation function together with heat and cooling
therapy, along with red and blue LED therapy.

Trusted by skincare professionals worldwide, Marvelous 360 is clinically proven and
FDA approved as a medical device, it’s non-invasive and is safe to use.

Enhance the results of your skin care products with Marvelous 360 Skincare Revolution
System and achieve smooth, vibrant and younger looking skin.

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